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Are you working hard on the sales methodologies and processes to improvise your yearly goals of better account management, prospecting, reaching out to the decision makers to shorten the sales cycle?

Do you know where the buyers and decision makers are going today?

Have you read the social selling researches published by Forrester, Sales Benchmark Index, CEB, SiriusDecisions to find the answer of the above mentioned question?

If not, then according to them the buyers and decision makers are going very much digital and 57% of buyer's journey propelled without the involvement of a seller. Now you would wonder what is happening during the 57% buyer's journey?

And to get the answers you have 2 choices: either stay on your course or change your course by going where buyers and decision makers are going i.e. Digital (Social Media like LinkedIn, Twitter etc.). Early movers will have the advantage of becoming the part of 57% of buyer's journey. Now you can ask the question HOW? Get the answers directly from Kapil Thukral #kapilthukral by connecting with him on LinkedIn, as he can help you build your social selling, modern selling and virtual selling muscles. Since 2014, he is helping sellers, enterprise account manager, solo-business owners and startup founders to get leads, prospects and meeting with the buyers and decision makers using LinkedIn and Videos.

After 2020, building social selling and virtual selling skills became the necessity for the sellers and the organizations to virtual meet and map the accounts.