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"Leadership is Influence"- John C Maxwell

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Welcome to Mojonomic

Learning and development has emerged as one of the main differentiators in our knowledge economy where great people make the greatest difference in the success of a company. As more companies recognize this, more time, effort and investments are being made in the same. A host of new ideas, theories, tools and methodologies aiming to improve the L&D managers ROI, resource utilization and end results have emerged.

At Mojonomic, we touch 5 essential elements which matter most to live the organization's "Vision", "Mission" and revenue goals.

Element 1- Communication (Low level or less clearer communication, produces low productivity and waste a lot of time in correction) 

Element 2- First Time Manager (Newly promoted manager without skills grooming becomes less effective growth drivers & hop-out)

Element 3- Leadership (People who understand the "Vision" and "Mission" of the organization must be groomed from the beginning)

Element 4- Sales Results (Nothing moves without sales and to meet stakeholder's expectations you need to show your sales) 

Element 5- Repeat (One time investment on the above will not produce expected results, so Repeat Repeat Repeat)

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