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Kapil Thukral is #1 rated Social Selling Trainer as per google search, and he is the founder of Mojonomic. To know more about Why choose Kapil Thukral for Social Selling Training, click on his LinkedIn Profile and navigate to his recommendations section to understand what Founders, Directors, VPs, GMs, Account Managers, Sales Managers, and Entrepreneurs are saying about his Social Selling Training.

I am a successful and accomplished Author, Solopreneur Coach, B2B Sales Professional, Sales Trainer, Video Enthusiast and a LinkedIn Specialist. I try to bridge the gap between theory and practical. I am passionate about sales, marketing, video production, writing and content creation, and this passion has encouraged me to experiment with the various methodologies and tools.

I have successfully used telephone, email copywriting, LinkedIn social selling, Facebook Marketing, Google SEO, eBooks, and videos to build funnel, generate leads, set meetings, and map accounts. And later on, I have developed my training content based on my actual field experience. I am a firm believer of “Walk the Talk”, and my training programs have fetched me a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and over 80 LinkedIn Recommendations from the experienced professionals, who have an average work experience of 15 years.

I have worked with the Sellers and Leaders of Fortune 500 companies and alumnus of IITs, IIMs, ISB, XLRI, IMT and other tier-2 & 3 institutes along with individuals like Doctors, Teachers, College Professors and solo-business owners.

I love to take-up new challenges and in the past; I have taken up multiple challenges with startup founders primarily to set-up their sales funnel and ramp-up their sales teams.

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In 2020, I have Authored 4 Best-Selling Books and out of 4, 2 Books became #1 Best-Selling Books on Amazon.

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I have invested more than USD 20,000 in self-learning, tools and gadgets, this investment will help you to gain industrial insights and build your business competencies, and hence remove the self-doubts. This year, I am looking forward to take-up the challenges with a growth-minded individuals or growing organization to help them achieve their goals.

The wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience and tools that I bring will surely help you to grow your sales, marketing, and build your personal brand, camera confidence, and online courses. I can also help you to write and publish your best-selling book on Amazon.

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